AMS now released for Oculus Rift + HTC Vive

Just in time for Valentine’s day, we’ve ported the original version of Alien Makeout Simulator for modern VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.  Anyone with one of those headsets and Steam (with SteamVR installed) can hop on over to our landing page on to get the latest version:

We’re happy to share this crazy early VR experience with the modern VR audience, and hope you enjoy it!

Improved version supporting the DK2 now available!

We’ve just released a new and improved version of Alien Makeout Simulator!  This is the same version we brought to the Boston Festival of Indie Games a couple months ago, where we took the audience voted prize for Best Single Player Game.  But more importantly, this version is our first public release supporting Oculus’ DK2 headset.

We’ve made a ton of improvements since the original release, including an all new audio design, choice of male or female partner, improved UI, a new “pecking” mechanic, and some shiny new graphical effects.

Head over to Oculus Connect to download it now:

Let us know what you think, and what you want to see next!

Alien Makeout Simulator Invades Oculus Connect

This weekend, our Supreme Commander of Code, Michael Mandel flew to Oculus Connect in fabulous Hollywood, California! Since there is no business like show business there, he showed the crowd our Alien Makeout Simulator… and the crowd got frisky!

Oculus Connect 2014
Alien Makeout Simulator demoed at Oculus Connect 2014

Thank you everyone who played, and a huge thank you to Magic Pixel Games, creators of “Night at the Rockulus”, for letting us demo our DK2 experience along with theirs, which recreates the amazing head bobbing sketch from Saturday Night Live starring Jim Carrey while blasting the “Night at the Roxbury” music!

We won at Boston FIG!

We’re proud to announce that the Alien Makeout Simulator has won the “Fabulous Flow” Award for Best Single Player Game!

A huge thank you to everyone who played and voted for us! We’re so happy to not only have been your favorite game, but for many of you, your FIRST VR game! All you other VR virgins out there, let’s hook up at our next event… ;}


– The AMS Team

Pucker up at the Boston Festival of Indie Games Digital Game Showcase

We have some news that’s out of this world: the Alien Makeout Simulator will be featured this weekend at MIT for the Boston Festival of Indie Games Digital Game Showcase!

Been wanting to play this crazy simulation game? Now’s your chance! Kiss your fears goodbye and come give it a try!

Howdy, Space Cowboy!

We submitted the Alien Makeout Simulator to the Space Cowboy Game Jam! (Our development coincided with the Boston VR Game Jam)

The beautiful people at the Space Cowboy Game Jam though it was a hit! Check it out on our official Space Cowboy Game Jam page here.

Screenshot from the Space Cowboy Game Jam itch page
Screenshot from the Space Cowboy Game Jam itch page


First Contact: Boston VR Jam

This last weekend of May we participated in the VR Game Jam in Boston, aided by Valve and Unity3D and Oculus VR and organized by Alex Schwartz and Devin Reimer of Owlchemy Labs. It was here that the five of us developed the Alien Makeout Simulator. You can read about it here on the Unity3D Blog.

We demoed the game publicly after only a day of development at hack/reduce. Love was in the air as people puckered up to our beautiful alien in a red dress, made by our artist Shawn Witt:

You know what they say... once you go multi-mouthed randy alien, you never go back!
You know what they say… once you go multi-mouthed randy alien, you never go back!